Friday, May 27, 2011

the new york times: magnetic poetry

T. S. Eliot had it wrong. April was not the cruelest month—at least not for me—unless you count the weather in NYC. In addition to getting into some illustration competitions and being selected “Pick of the Week” by Illustration Friday, April was National Poetry Month and brought with it a new collaboration with The Learning Network blog at The New York Times. For the second year running, editors Katherine Schulten and Holly Epstein Ojalvo held their Found Poem Challenge. And what you see above is my illustration for the announcement of the winners this week. A reinterpretation of the old novelty gift magnetic poetry, the hand-lettered words represent the wide range of subjects submitted by student poets. Many thanks to Katherine and Holly, and congratulations to the 10 poets whose work will be featured on the blog.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

gallery nucleus - illustrated type

If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area between May 14th and June 6th, make your way over to Gallery Nucleus for their “Illustrated Type” exhibition. I was invited to contribute a letterform of my choice, and decided to make a new piece featuring my “M is for Monster” character—originally created for LetterPlayground—who at post time, was crawling his way across the continent. Among the other luminaries showing their wares will be John Hendricks, Jessica Hische, Josh Cochran, and my SVA buddy You Byun.

Monday, May 2, 2011

evil dewars on the rocks (reprise)

This morning, my mom reminded me of this piece that I made a few years ago, and—in light of today’s news—I thought I’d repost it here. The subjects are meant to be generic, but the message is the same.