Friday, January 13, 2012

wrapping up 2011...rapping about 2012

I must admit, in many ways, 2011 was quite kind to me. In case you missed my earlier blatherings, here are a couple of highlights:

A few birds from Ornithoblogical found their way into some exhibitions and illustration annuals, and I began work illustrating two children’s books.

The first book (mentioned here previously) is a collection of poems by J. Patrick Lewis, the current U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate. Published by Candlewick, World Rat Day is due out in Spring 2013. The second book, Sylvia’s Spinach, with children’s publishing startup Readers to Eaters, will be available this Fall.

As usual, throughout 2012, you’ll see more birds—hopefully several each month—and updates on my other illustration projects.

And I wanted to followup on my last post about the piece I made for the annual “Postcards from the Edge” exhibition and benefit. Great news—Visual AIDS raised a record $82,200 this year! And since the blind auction and sale are over, secrecy is no longer necessary. Here is my piece below—although, where his current home is now, I do not know yet. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!