Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ornithoblogical day 300: bird call for entries WINNERS!

Day 300 of Ornithoblogical is upon us! At noon EST today, the winners of the Bird Call for Entries were announced. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated.

Entries were received from four continents, and as you can see below, that global scope is reflected in the winners. It has been very inspiring to me, especially as I enter the latter part of this year-long, bird illustration marathon.

I’d especially like to thank my distinguished jury—Matteo Bologna, Alex Mathers, Martha Rago, Stephen Savage, and Larry Smith—without whom the Bird Call for Entries would have been as flightless as an emu.

Enjoy the rest of the year!

1ST PRIZE  Winner of a portfolio of ten signed, digital prints of her choice from Ornithoblogical.
“Re-tail Featherpy”—Elaine Hurford, Prince Albert, South Africa

5 RUNNERS UP  Winners of an official Ornithoblogical button.
“Sacs in the City”—Anne Louise Tate, Cleethorpes, England
“Tweet Street”—Richard Harrison, Montmirail, France
“Birds of a Ferragamo”—Monica Mayper, New York City, USA
“Carrier Pigeons”—Mark Rosenblum, Temple City, CA, USA
“Chickin’ Out the Competition”—Anne Louise Tate, Cleethorpes, England

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